Lofoten Norway

Fjords of the Untamed North

Feb 14th-20th 2021
What Sets Us Apart

Discovery Gold Standard

01 Experience

We want you to leave Lofoten with more than memory cards filled with magnificent photographs. That’s why our tours put so much focus on delivering historical experiences, authentic accommodations and delicious cuisine. So when you show your photos to friends and family, they trigger a memory or have a story attached to them. While journeying through Lofoten we will get a sense of how the rugged landscape and bountiful ocean cultivated such a unique way of life for the Norse.

02 Locations

Combined, our team has spent 100’s of hours traversing Lofoten, in search of photography highlights. This tour includes a perfect blend of the postcard images you would expect as well as a number of exploratory areas where you can discovery your own compositions. We will visit and capture the quintessential red Nordic fishing villages of Hamnoy and Reine, venture to the picturesque shorelines of Varied and Uttakleiv and shoot the sun setting over the majestic peaks at Sund. We also have found that some of our most memorable shoots are the roadside stops where our guests are free to explore the area and create their own stunning compositions of the surrounding peaks, fjords and shorelines. And we can tell you, Lofoten is full of them. Our team spent days getting lost in the endless natural beauty of Lofoten’s countryside.

03 Photographers

Discovery Photo Tours works with some of the most talented and experienced professional photographers in the business. Our goal is to provide you the opportunity to travel alongside and work elbow to elbow with internationally acclaimed photographers who will help you capture the incredible beauty our destinations offer. Whether you’re new to photography or a professional looking to expand your portfolio, our tour leaders will share invaluable techniques, knowledge and experience gained over the course of their careers. Photography aside, we expect you’ll have the time of your life on our tours. Traveling the road with us means there will be lots of laughs, interesting stories and delicious meals where you’ll be treated like family and will leave with new life long friends.