Wild and Free

July 9th - 22nd
A Complete Experience

Discovery Gold Standard

01 Culture

During our trip through Namibia, we’ll visit parts of the world most people never get the chance to, in a way that few people ever get the chance to see it. In between our long days in the sun, we’ll break for indulgent meals of local cuisine, a surprising mix of exotic game meats and German cuisine, all the while photographing rock daisies and quiver trees by day, and the starry night sky above impossible landscapes by night. Few countries are as breathtaking as Namibia. With its inspiring vistas, every place you see in Namibia is as jaw-dropping as the next.



02 Locations

In a mystical part of the world even the most avid travelers yearn to see, we’ve taken all the guesswork out of how and when to capture the magic. We’ll have an unforgettable photography experience from the moment the tour begins; capturing everything from the rock daisies, leopards and rhinos of Erinidi and the sand dunes of Dead Vlei, to German towns like Windhoek and Luderitz, countless sea creatures gliding through Walvis Bay, the quiver trees and cheetahs of Keetmanshoop, and more. In Namibia, the landscapes, people and wildlife are undeniable. It’s an exotic part of the world most travelers yearn to visit, and with our tour, you’ll get to explore (and photograph!) its most astounding corners.

03 Photographers

Our tour leaders are there to make your journey unforgettable. And once you meet them, it’s obvious why. They are masters of their craft and during your adventure they will be working along side of you, sharing their knowledge of photography, tips on composition, camera settings and more. You get to learn from the best in some of the most remote and beautiful places our planet has to offer. However, beyond having unrivaled photography skills, it takes so much more to be a Discovery Photo Tour Leader. Simply put, our photographers are good, interesting people. You’ll travel, explore and learn with them, you’ll share meals together, and they’ll show you how to capture amazing pictures. And by the end of the tour, our circle of friends will have grown.