Land of Enchantment

January 10th - 21st, 2021
January 10th - 21st, 2022
Our Pledge

Discovery Gold Standard

01 Culture

Be prepared to meet some of the kindest and most gentle people you’ll ever have the good fortune to spend time with. From the young novice monks and nuns to the villagers and city dwellers, the Burmese people will offer you a sincere hospitality that is unique to Myanmar.

Our guests have the chance to immerse themselves in the local culture by visiting temples, remote villages, and town marketplaces, and everywhere you go, you will be welcomed with a smile, bow, or friendly gaze.

02 Locations

Myanmar offers a wide variety of locations and subject matter for our guests to see and photograph and we’ve nailed down the right places to visit at the right times. When you pair the photo-ops and subject matter with moments like riding in a hot air balloon at sunrise over the iconic temples of historic Bagan. All we can say is; bucket list item… Check ✓

Let our experts guide you to all the perfect spots to capture the best photos you’ve ever taken. Your friends back home will be inspired by the images that you create and perhaps even a little jealous.

On this tour, our photographers even stage portrait sessions with novice monks in an ancient temple setting. The results are truly breathtaking. You may just want to bring a few extra memory cards. Just saying!

03 Photographers

We love our photographers almost as much as they love photography. These guys and gals are not only chosen for their talent with a camera but also because they are a ton of fun to spend time with. They will be taking photos right there with you but rest assured that our guests are their top priority and making sure that you’re having the time of your life is a Discovery photographer’s rule number one.

Got a question about gear, composition, or even that tough quantum physics problem you’ve been trying to figure out? Have no fear, our intrepid photographers are there to save the day. Well okay, they may not have a Ph.D. in quantum string theory but they sure are knowledgeable about photography and are eager to help. Heck, at the end of our tours, you’ll be thinking of them as family… family with a killer portfolio of awesome photographs.