Magic and Mystery Await

Oct 2nd to Oct 11th 2020
Our Promise to You

Discovery Gold Standard

01 Culture

During our tour of Jordan, we’ll indulge in delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, experience a society guided by religion and faith and learn about the history that’s made Jordan the vibrant country it is today. We’ll make friends with Bedouin locals, engaging in familiar conversation as we sip on homemade cups of piping hot, sugary Jordanian tea. If you haven’t gone through the life-changing experience that is seeing Petra by candlelight, you will be able to check that off your bucket list after this trip.. We’re the only tour in the world that gets to stay after the Bedouin ceremony and photograph the shimmering stars over the Monastery by moonlight; a unique moment that inspiration seekers far and wide would beg to experience.

02 Locations

We won’t lie: we’re pretty good at what we do, and our Jordan tour proves why. In a mystical part of the world most people never get the chance to see, we’ve taken all the guesswork out of when, and how, to capture the magic. From the fiery red sands of the Mars-like Wadi Rum desert and the captivating lost city of Petra, to the sparkling Dead Sea, the serenity of the Dana Biosphere reserve and more, our Jordan tour delivers an unbelievable photography experience.

03 Photographers

To say our talented photographers make our tours so incredible would be an understatement. That’s why they are carefully chosen and paired on each of our tours.  Making sure they compliment each other, fulfill the needs of our guests and provide you with an experience of a lifetime. And although our tour leaders are all world renowned masters of photography, to be considered for a tour leader position with Discovery requires so much more. When you’re traveling with us for 10 days across the desert, you can be sure that our photographers are an absolute joy to be with. Eager to teach, share and enjoy every breath taking moment with you, they have a passion for life that’s contagious and bring out the best in everyone. You’ll travel, explore and learn with them, you’ll share meals together, and they’ll show you how to capture amazing pictures. And at the end of the tour, you’ll have a lifelong friend; the newest addition to your holiday card list.