Chasing Sakura Blooms

March 27th-April 7th 2021
Expect More

Discovery Gold Standard

01 Culture

Our Spring in Japan Photo tour is an all­ encompassing cultural phenomenon. It’s got cuisine, history, art, nature, and architecture galore! Temples, Torii Gates, markets, shrines, pagodas, castles, and so many other locations, all of which will serve as the backdrop to many of our planned photo shoots.

You’ll have the privilege of photographing a Geisha in a beautiful garden setting during a private photo session and learn how to create a collotype (ancient photographic printing technique) on beautiful Japanese rice paper in a master class workshop.

We guarantee every morning you wake up in Japan, you will be looking forward to the adventure of the day ahead. Beginning with the food; forget what you know about Japanese cuisine, this tour is on another level and delivers authentic regional dishes that will not only ravish your taste buds but will also be meticulously presented in a traditional style.


02 Locations

We’re going to take a moment and pat ourselves on the back for this one. There are so many wonderful shots to get in Japan, and we’ve taken all the guesswork out about where to capture the magic. We’ve studied the locations and will be sure to share our knowledge and secrets with you at every shoot.

When planning shots, we consider weather, traffic, crowds, time of day, construction and more. We know exactly where to be and the precise time to be there, all to make sure you get that shot your friends and family will envy. At the end of the day, taking unbelievable pictures is what we do, and now we’re sharing these locations with you.

03 Photographers

Our photographers are the heart of our company… and they’re so much more than their incredible talent. Sure, they’ve traveled the world and captured beauty beyond our wildest dreams. Sure, they’ve graced the covers of magazines and websites and earned the respect of their industry. But it takes much more to be a Discovery Photo Tour Leader. Simply put, our photographers are good people. You’ll travel, explore and learn with them, you’ll share meals together, and they’ll show you how to capture amazing pictures. And at the end of the tour, you’ll have a lifelong friend; the newest addition to your holiday card list. Our tour leaders are here to make your journey unforgettable, and that’s why they’re not only world ­renowned for their craft, but they’re also an absolute pleasure to adventure with around the world.